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21 June 2011 - We are happy to announce the launch of

Double Glazing Preston

Welcome to Wilson Windows. We supply and fit all types of windows and double glazing for a growing client base in Preston, Leyland and the surrounding areas. We have been established since 1987 and have built our business based on high levels of professionalism, quality window and double glazing installations and above all, safe working practices. Our services include double glazing installation, door fitting and supply, conservatory supply and construction and fascias and soffits.

Conservatories supplied and fitted throughout Preston and the surrounding areas

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From Victorian to Edwardian and to super modern light rooms, we can supply and build the conservatory of your dreams. We can source energy efficient windows and cutting edge technology to ensure that our window and conservatory solutions are as efficient as possible.

02nd November 2011 - Making the right decision...

If you are in Preston and considering having double glazing installed in your home, you might wonder which option is best for you. There are three common choices for double glazing windows & doors which are aluminium, uPVC and wood.

Since each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, there is no clear best choice. The type of double glazing material you choose depends on a few things; your budget, your preference, building restrictions and overall the look you want for your home.

Wooden double glazing frames are often installed in older buildings and owners of older homes often choose wooden double glazing frames in order to maintain a the heritage look to their property. The common problem with wooden double glazing is that it can expand or shrink when exposed to the elements. If you are considering wooden double glazing frames for your home, be sure to check that the frames have been treated and properly sealed against the elements.

The advantages of aluminium double glazing are that it is lightweight, strong, durable and fairly low-maintenance. Aluminium, however, is a poor insulator. However, double glazing manufacturers have solved this problem. They insert a layer of insulating material between the inside and outside of aluminium frames. This greatly improves frame’s ability to insulate.

uPVC double glazing is a great cost saver, its durable and lightweight and is virtually maintenance free. uPVC double glazing is a great insulator which keeps the warmth in and the cold out but most of all uPVC double glazing could help you save on your utility bills. The slight disadvantage of uPVC frames is that they can look quite out of place in older homes. Furthermore, home owners of listed properties could discover that building regulations prohibit them from installing double glazing in uPVC frames.

Double glazing, whether it’s framed by aluminium, uPVC or wood, is an great way to insulate your home against the elements. No matter what frame material you decide on, double glazing will keep your home warmer in winter than single pane windows.

11th July 2011 - Making the right decision...

It is fair to say that PVC-u doors, windows and conservatories are a significant investment. We can add style, value and beauty to our homes with an investment like this but making a sound decision is of utmost importance.

Why PVC-u products?

Unlike timber framed products which require ongoing maintenance to retain their look and to provide good insulation from the effects of the whether, PVU-u double glazed windows and doors eliminate the need to repair woodwork which can rot, twist and warp, and loose paint during repeated atacks from the elements. PVC-u products out-perform single glazed alternatives and increase thermal efficiency.

24th June 2011 - The Wilson Windows Van...

double glazing preston

Theres a very high probability that you have seen one of our vans whilst out and about in the Leyland or Preston area. The nature of our work means that we are very often driving to and from site where we have been busy installing, repairing or replacing all manner of windows. Next time you see us, feel free to ask our driver abutour window services.

23rd June 2011 -

double glazing preston

We also supply and fit beautiful doors, fascias and soffits, always paying particular attention to quality craftmanship.